How our community is isolating together. - Leabrook Place Leabrook Place

How our community is isolating together.

The sense of comfort, companionship and friendship that everyone likes so much at Leabrook Place and The Glenbrook is exactly what we all need, right now. Along with that, the idyllic surroundings, outdoor settings and lovely gardens are a pleasant interlude to be enjoyed, with social distancing, at any time of day.

While all dealing with distancing and isolation brought on by COVID-19, it’s heartening to remember, the features that attracted our lovely residents to Leabrook Place and The Glenbrook are playing a big part helping overcome it.

Having services available also makes life easier to enjoy at home and the security of always having staff onsite. An apartment sanctuary is the perfect place to enjoy a good book, make calls or FaceTime with family and friends or discover how to get some new skills online. Just remember, we’re all getting through this, stronger and happier, together.