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Where community living has its place. Leabrook Place.

The sense of community you’ll find at Leabrook Place is the real thing, particularly as we consider visiting friends and family as a welcome part of our close-knit neighbourhood. The invitation to enjoy a restaurant meal is always open for our residents’ families and friends.

There’s always something happening. Guest speakers, a knit and natter group, bingo and quiz afternoons, musical get-togethers, outings… there’s even a dedicated jigsaw puzzle area.

Step out into the fresh air to enjoy a sheltered plaza and barbeque area, gazebo, rose garden and lawn areas – perfect for grandchildren - with plenty of nooks amongst the gardens to 'smell the roses' or to lose yourself in a good book.

Our licensed club and lounge rooms provide free Wi-Fi as well as being your place to relax with family or friends over a latte or cappuccino, any time. You can also enjoy a game of chess, cards, mah-jong and a game of snooker.

Weekly ‘Happy Hour’ is a popular event to catchup for a drink and neighbourly chats. Join in as much or as little as you want. Just like your home, your privacy is always respected.

Grandchildren spending quality time with their grandparents after school is another joyful time that Leabrook Place is renowned for. It’s especially handy being so close to schools and school bus routes.

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Where safety and security have their place. Leabrook Place.

Our Leabrook Place philosophy is supporting your independence, as you want it, with care, as you need it. Your quality of life, choice, comfort, privacy, security and peace of mind comes first. For you and your family.

That’s why every residence is fitted with a 24 hour emergency call system which is attended to by staff on-site and smoke detectors with fire sprinklers have been installed throughout to maximise your safety.

All our safety and security features are close at hand but won’t interfere with your home, day to day living or privacy. Welcome to living designed to maintain your independence, too. And where safety has its place. Leabrook Place.

Where gardens and pets have their place. Leabrook Place.

You have the best of both worlds at Leabrook Place. Gorgeous gardens to potter in if you wish or to escape out into without the worry of maintaining them. Our gardener takes care of all landscaping and gardening. Your only job is to enjoy them all, everyday!

Pets are like family for our residents. So, as long as your furry little friend is well behaved and isn’t a nuisance to others, pets are permitted at Leabrook Place. Pet care services can be arranged for you, too.

"Animals are therapeutic, they give you a reason to get going in the mornings. Mia and Kika love living at Leabrook Place. They have settled in so well."

Merle & John
Leabrook Place residents