Joan 100th birtha - Leabrook Place Leabrook Place

The below story was written by Marilyn Rumball, to celebrate Joan's 100th birthday, and who is the proud owner of the water colour painting of roses (pictured right with Joan).

"When Roger and I came to live here at Leabrook Place, we were keen to scan the list of residents to see if we would recognise any of the names. I was delighted to find Joan Gunner's name on the list.

My association with Joan was through a walking group I ran as a fitness instructor for the SA Keep Fit Association. Joan joined this group, as did three of her equally delightful cousins, which were made up of women from all ages from different places. Joan was fun and a much loved member of this group. These walks were never around suburban streets. They were done in many and varied location in the hills and country, often using parts of the Heysen Trail. These walks also involved lots of steep ups and downs! Joan always got there.

Another highlight for me personally from those days, is receiving a beautiful water colour painting of roses done by Joan, at the request of the group and presented to me at the end of one of our happy and successful years of tramping and picnicking all over the country trails. This lovely painting (pictured with Joan) is now in its fifth home and I had the pleasure of showing it to Joan soon after I arrived here. It is now a pleasure to be residing at the same place and to be able to see her reach an amazing place in life as she celebrates her 100th birthday. Joan, it has been, and still is a pleasure to know you. Happy birthday and love."